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KRUEGER Engineering was established in 1951 as a “postage-stamp-size” facility with a handful of employees and the large aspirations of Chairman and CEO Roger F. Krueger. The original facility was on Tidwell Road, Houston. After a few years, the fledgling operation was on its way to success and required a larger plant, prompting the move to the company’s present location on Hirsch Road, Houston. The plant has undergone numerous expansions over the years.

KRUEGER Engineering first gained recognition decades ago by successfully tackling the “problem jobs” that other companies couldn’t or wouldn’t handle. In its early years, KRUEGER fabricated essentially only heat transfer equipment for Texas Gulf Coast area refineries and processing plants.

Today, the scope of products and services has grown to encompass all that is portrayed on this website and the company’s market has expanded worldwide.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your application, we hope to be of service to your firm.  Reliability, quality and performance are important to us, which is why every job we undertake is closely supervised by a member of KRUEGER management.


Roger F. Krueger, Founder &
Former CEO & Chairman of the Board

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