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quality control

Quality Control, Quality Assurance
The Quality Control Department has responsibility over all phases of inspection and documentation on all specifications set forth by the customer and the applicable portions of the ASME CODE SECTION VIII. DIVISION I, B31.1 AND THE N.B.I.C.; latest edition and addenda.

These Responsibilities Include:
A. Examination of the physical characteristics of the product and the acceptable standards associated with those examinations.
B. Documentation which insures that the Quality Control is carried out.
C. Maintenance and implementation of procedures and promote a sense of quality awareness throughout the company.

The Department is Comprised of:
The Quality Control Manager oversees all the operations of this department.

In house shop inspectors are responsible for all inspections.

Quality Control Manager is responsible for all welding procedure specification (WPS), Procedure qualification record (PQR), and welder performance qualifications (WPQ).

Document control person takes care of all material test records, manufactures data report and nondestructive examination reports (NDE), compiling all documentation into a data book for the customer.

The department is qualified to level 2 interpretation all NDE disciplines including magnetic particle examination, liquid penetrent examination, ultrasonic examination and radiographic examination. KEMCO has the capability to perform all nondestructive examination except radiograph.

KEMCO has the "CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION" from ASME code to use the "U" symbol in the manufacturer of pressure vessels. In addition KEMCO has the "CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION" from THE NATIONAL BOARD OF BOILER AND PRESSURE VESSEL INSPECTORS to use the "R" symbol in: the repair and /or alterations of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and power boilers.

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